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Harry Potter and the Brisket Loaf
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Shorter than Barry Trotter, more intellectually rigorous than the Va Dinci Cod and funnier than sex: this is the full story of Harry Potter's final year at Hogwarts and all the fun that befell him when Professor Robert Langdon of Harvard University turned up for work.

and then somehow, randomly, I produced this:

hooch/mcgonagall is love
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A quick note, I made this a community to make posting fanfiction easier, but it's a community that only I'm a member of. If this feels a little bit screwy than i'm sorry, if you want to be kept updated then the easiest thing to do is to friend the community. If you feel that you want to friend my main journal, then that's cool, go ahead, but it probably won't have much to do with the Brisket Loaf, although I do occasionally post *supplementory* information there, (like the unofficial, official, Brisket Loaf Soundtrack Album). I should, drunkeness allowing, even friend you back. Yay. Anyway, that's it. Enjoy this mess. All good things.