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Posted by evil_underlord on 12.09.2006 at 19:22
So, fera_festiva has been claiming for ages that she's going to put up her icon series that she's been making. But she hasn't. However, by means of a daring raid and at great risk to my personal safety I have managed to secure copies of the Brisket Loaf related icons in the set, and here I am posting them for you, because as we all know, information wants to be free, and the internet is the best place for it to be so. And because I like you. A bit. Just remember, I lost a whole squad of marines to bring these back. All cut up into gory little pieces that fell apart in a bloody mess by one of those laser grid things. Really nasty.

I just had a thought. Voldemort here reminds me a bit of my old friend Stephen, just the sort of way he looks. Oh well, never mind. The rules are simple. If you are gonna use one of these, feel free. But make sure you put a credit to fera, or else she might still use the laser grid on me. All the best, now. Underlord out.

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